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Draw my life app

Interesting resource to use in class

Draw my life app

This is a great idea to read, write, draw, but above all, to speak in a multi-task exercise. Multiple intelligences are used here and students can cooperate or do it on their own. 

EXTENSION:Here is one about Shakespeare which you can use as an example and ask them to do it about Cervantes' life, or any or Shakespeare works they have read.


According to Wikipedia, "Draw My Life is a type of Internet video that began in 2013, following the upload of a video from YouTube celebrity, Sam Pepper.
The videos are shot in fast-motion photography and consist of someone drawing figures on a whiteboard, which represent events in the person's life.Often, the videos reveal previously hidden upsetting or unfortunate histories or stories, and end in the author thanking their audience for aiding in their success.

In December 2013 a Draw My Life video making iPad app was released on the App Store called Draw My Life App. "        

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